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did. giving the polars enough room to come around and 8 or 9 yard gain. >> inside of two and a half to play in regulation. clement is back in there. he's got the first down. into ohio state territory. they are moving towards andrew endicott range, the kicker who has been steady tonight has a fill-in for gaglianone. he's been all you could a can he win it with one more field goal? >> kirk: the clock becomes a factor now. under two minutes. ohio state with two timeouts. badgers also with two timeouts. they're going to take their time now with as much success as they've had moving the ball here in these first four plays. >> chris: clement again cuts it back. a flag comes in in what would be
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that could be crucial. >> kirk: brett connors, the center here for a hold. >> referee: holding offense number 64, ten yard penalty. repeat first down. >> chris: some holds tonight have not been called in crucial plays. that one they did spot connors. >> kirk: for paul chryst, that drive had momentum. it had everything that you wanted because you had ohio moving closer and closer into field goal range. now 1:38, a critical error by the center on the holding call and not only do you lose ground but you lose the momentum and rhythm they had established on that drive. >> chris: you have to believe that hornibrook is going to have to put the ball up in this
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steps up, has time, delivers across the middle. peavy knocked down at the 50. nice tackle by malik k helloer. . >> kirk: malik hooker is one of the better safeties. watch how quickly he reacts and watch the closing speed after he sees where the rout is. he comes in quickly and collapse is down on that. big yards for wisconsin, trying to get into field goal range as the clock gets closer to a minute. >> chris: hornibrook down the sidelines. a risky throw. diving attempt. picked off again by conley. his second interception tonight. snuffs out the wisconsin drive, and the young quarterback pays the price for that decision. >> kirk: this is a clinic on how to play man-to-man in college football. watch how he trusts his eyes. right now he turns around.
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receiver. tremendous athletic ability to go up and make the catch, but it was him reading the eyes of the receiver, wheelwright, getting his own head turned around and running stride for stride with wheelwr wheelwright. this is exceptional. they're going to look to see if the ball touched the ground. looked like his right arm got underneath the ball. >> chris: this is going to stand as a pick. i know all that stuff about the technique, b catch. >> kirk: ohio state's had a few of those this year. hooky had one earlier too. the right arm, kind of like what we talked about with dixon who had the interception. see the right arm under the ball prevents it from hitting the surface. >> chris: it did pop up. that's what the crowd is oohing about when they showed the replay on the screen here. that holding penalty that pushed
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threw him off schedule. as you suggested, it ended up being more than a momentum killer. ended up being crucial if this stands. another look. conley collects it in the right hand. grabs it. now does he control it. they may not have enough to turn this over. thatld sends us to overtime. still steven beckman looking at it. dave, how did you see this? >> the same way you guys did. i don't think there's enough to overturn it. the left arm is under, the ball might hit the ground but there's not enough there to change the call from what i've seen in my opinion. >> chris: we'll see.
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overturned, it would be third and 12 for wisconsin at midfield. >> kirk: if it is an interception, the ball is on the 20 yard line. >> referee: after further review, in the process of going to the ground to make the catch, the ball hit the ground, he lost control of it. incomplete pass. third down and 12 yards to go at the 50 yard line. >> chris: beckman seeing it differently than you did, dave, and it will be wisconsin ball back at midfield. third and 12. >> kirk: it puts hornibrook still in a position to be able to get points on the board, but now it's not just about hornibrook, chris, it's about the offensive line giving him a chance. paul chryst understands that. he knows that ohio state's going to come after him. you wonder if they might try to roll them away, kind of move that launch point a little bit to give him a little bit more time to get away from that pressure. see nick bosa coming in, all
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the game, jalyn holmes, sam hubbard, tiquyquan lewis. >> chris: a bunch of defensive ends in there. >> kirk: ohio state looks like they're in man-to-man. >> chris: hornibrook rolling away from the pressure and now flips it short. behind ogunbowale. it was jalyn holmes in hot pursuit. now it's fourth >> kirk: ohio state showed man-to-man and then dropped out of it at the snap and played zone. they felt pretty confident that they could give this young quarterback a lot of looks, especially in that third down package, showing one thing before the snap, drop to the other. that time just great coverage down field. >> chris: rosowski in to punt. dontre wilson back. it's been an adventure tonight
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catch. there was a man right in his face and he does collect it at the 13 yard line. 41 seconds to play. cassidy hubbarth after the game with the ford wrap-up show. urban meyer and his play callers, ed warinner, content to play conservative? >> kirk: i think you call the first play and see how successful or if it's a struggle maybe your attitude on the rest of the drive. ohio state is capable of moving the ball down the field pretty quickly with j.t. barrett, but tonight obviously it's been a challenge against this group of linebackers and against this entire defense. they've done a very good job of containing the big play from ohio state. >> chris: they're going to have to move the ball 50, 55 yards to get into field goal range.
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they hand the ball to weber who is hammered after a short gain by sheehy. >> kirk: that tells you. he's saying, got it to overtime and we're going to play some extra football tonight. >> chris: clemson on their home field needed overtime to survive. that was number three. number two on the road tonight if they are to stay undefeated will have to do it in overtime. we thought it would be fun tonight and it has been, back and forth. buckeyes dominated the second half but the badgers putting together that one touchdown drive. the end of regulation. back for overtime after this message and a word from your
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>> chris: overtime at camp randall, just like the last buckeyes visit here back in 2012. ohio state at that point was ineligible to play in the post season but stayed undefeated. carlos hyde had a overtime. christian bryant batted down a pass to secure it. they'll toss the coin here. whoever wins the coin toss will elect to go on defense first. >> referee: this is an extra period. we're going to do a coin toss. this will be the only coin toss we do.
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the option of going on offense first, defense first or selecting the side of field you were like to play. ohio state give me your call. tails is called. it is heads. wisconsin will elect to go on defense. which end would you like to play at? >> chris: j.t. says we'll play away from the student section. buckeyes offense will get the ball first. >> kirk: we'll get bleacher creatures and head down to the other end. >> chris: he's a veteran, expect him to make the right decision. see if this badger defense can make a stand here. ohio state has been very productive after halftime. >> kirk: also something to keep in mind, both these field goal kickers have been great tonight, both sides. three for three for both of them. if you're unable to come up with a touchdown, you would like to
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continue for both of these kickers. >> chris: although those goal posts can look a little narrower in overtime, as up at stake as there is tonight. paul chryst had rafael gaglianone when he kicked that clutch field goal to beat lsu from long distance, then injured his back and had surgery and then this guy right here, andrew endicott who again did school career, he's a senior, a senior who had more tackles than field goal made in his career covering kickoffs. buckeyes on offense from the 25. >> kirk: if you wouldn't have told me that tonight, i would never know. he has been money. >> chris: wilson motions in. they pitch it back to samuel on a reverse, flips a tackle. and the brooklyn native muscles
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>> kirk: heck of a block there in front of him to be able to give him some room to run there. mclaurin, the sophomore out of indianapolis, gave him that first down. looked like he might be short. he pushed that defensive back almost into the sideline. >> chris: whistle before the first down play. >> kirk: r who's had a rough night, pass protection, moved. >> referee: false start offense number 59. five yard penalty. first down. >> chris: third penalty for ohio state. >> kirk: prince is looking out there and seeing a lot of number 42. he can do that to tackles. it's not just if prince is struggling. he's struggling against some talented pass rushers and guys
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watt and dooley. >> chris: first and 15. barrett from the pocket over the middle, complete. breaking free is james clark who gets involved, the junior from florida down inside the ten. >> kirk: good patience there. he felt a blitz. t.j. watt and jack cichy came on the right. they were picked up. he was lng the end zone but ended up coming down and kind of checked that down. good decision to be patient there by barrett. >> chris: barrett keeps it. tries to get outside. flag comes in as the quarterback
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it will be first and goal. let's check the marker. >> kirk: got a hold by jamarco jones, the left tackle from ohio state. >> referee: holding offense number 74, ten yard penalty, repeat second down. >> chris: two penalties all night and now two in this series in overtime. >> kirk: james who's trying to chase barrett down and one of the reasons barrett was able get around him is jones. the tackle on the other side, we've been talking a lot about prince. this time it's jones with the hold. >> chris: buckeyes making it tough on themselves in this series. second and 13 now. >> kirk: t.j. watt trying to get his head gear adjusted. >> chris: barrett flips it to samuel. the badgers close him down.
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down inside the ten. it will be third down and about two. >> kirk: his acceleration to the corner and you think he might go out of bounds but he squares up and picks up another six yards. >> chris: meyer out on the field. third and two. >> kirk: bringing mike weber into the game. >> chris: what do you think? >> kirk: probably a zone read where you give weber or barrett a chance to run the football depending on the read. >> chris: got to hurry. play clock at two. barrett keeps it. fires, end zone. brown touchdown. noah brown stretched out and makes a catch in a dart from the quarterback to give ohio the lead. >> kirk: they gave the action, the zone read action which kind of froze the defense and then he was one-on-one on the outside.
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now it's one-on-one. he recognizes the back shoulder fade is there. the defending, tindal, never really even saw the football. instead of throwing it down field, great timing, great job by both the receiver and the quarterback, j.t. barrett, going to his guy, noah brown. >> chris: conversion now. durbin knocks it through and tindal has played a pretty good game but he got beat for the game winning touchdown the last football. that's something you work on and in fact when you call the play in the huddle, depending on where the defender is in relation to the receiver dictates where the throw is. so brown doesn't really know where he's going to throw the ball. he hopes that barrett sees the same thing he sees, and that's why you practice hours and hours and hours with quarterbacks and receivers with that timing. >> chris: first touchdown pass tonight for j.t. to go with the two running touchdowns.
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for touchdowns responsible. they overcome a false start and holding penalty in this series. >> kirk: the ball goes back into the hands of alex hornibrook and this wisconsin offense. they've had a pretty good night. >> chris: they have had their issues in the red zone. must score to force double overtime. clement hit immediately. no defensive front. >> kirk: it's all about the defensive line. the linebackers may get involved and that time you saw jerome baker but it was michael hill and dre'mont jones that impacted that play because of the initial surge they got at the line of
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>> chris: hornibrook straight back. flushes, fires far side. high ball caught, as wheelwright, the columbus native sets up the badgers first and goal. >> kirk: this is a big-time throw from a freshman. watch this. he gets hit by sam hubbard almost as he's releasing this. throws it to a spot and there's wheelwright out of columbus, the toe tap to get them both down. heck of a cch throw by hornibrook. >> chris: he got cut in half by that young guy showing his toughness and accuracy. it's clement behind ramesh in the i formation. he's got it but again penetration and no gain. chris worley, the linebacker, cleaned it up. >> kirk: watch him close down on this. you see landers here, worley
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the pulling guard unable to pick up his block but great penetration. landers had a great future, the true freshman that wasn't highly touted but has had a great start. >> chris: badgers have three plays to get four yards and force double o.t.. clement in motion. hornibrook back pedaling and has to throw it out of the end zone. third down coming up. >> kirk: they tried to hide action. he was blocking. they were hoping that the linebackers would just assume that he was in to block and then they released him late. raekwon mcmillan, the leader of the defense, picked him up and the freshman just gave up on the play and had to throw it to the back of the end zone.
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for no gain. that was baker sprinting out to drop the running back. it is fourth down. badgers down to one play. >> kirk: all comes down to this. heck of a play by jerome baker with his speed to be able to chase down clement. now you're paul chryst, one of the best play callers in the sport. a lot of things at work. now you wonder how does he give his young quarterback a chance to execute and throw the football. ohio state will be coming after him. timeout. >> chris: paul chryst trying to come up with play. the ohio state defensive brain trust. this ohio state treatment trailed throughout much of this night. a lot of youth in that group, a
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back and trying to secure a win. >> chris: i think when luke fickle and his group are trying to figure out do you plan man-to-man or zone. you play man-to-man and you're at the risk of some rub routs or picks down in this area. if you play zone you're at the risk of fumagalli and others finding a hole in that zone so they have to figure out what they think will give them the best chance. you know they're going to bring pressure after hornibrook. him one of the best play callers in college football. think he's got the right play call and his young quarterback who's played so well tonight can execute it. ohio state a stop away from their 20th consecutive win in
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man-to-man. >> chris: ball game on the line. hornibrook knocked down. ohio state makes a defensive stand and survives in mad town in overtime. nick bosa and tyquan lewis got in the quarterback's face. barrett with the touchdown pass in overtime to brown shows his m metal. street fight is what urban expected and he got it. >> kirk: how about the pressure we talked about coming after hornibrook but, chris, it was a combination of the coverage down field and the pressure. there's nowhere for him to go
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screen, watch when the pressure gets to him. there's nobody open. peavy is trying to work inside here. there's nobody open. it was great coverage down field. nobody open. he's forced to just eat the ball. ohio state gets to him there on the last play of the game with jalyn holmes. >> chris: this ohio state defense that came in so dominant but was reeling a bit in the first half played a much, much stronger overtime. they secured the victory. let's go to samantha. >> samantha: chris, all smiles and hugs down here. coach, at halftime, no smiles then. what was the difference between your team in the first half and late in this game? >> first of all, this is great for our conference, what an environment. a lot of respect for our opponent. that was a ball game. at halftime there was a lot of yelling and we just didn't play great.
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in in stayed jump. they hung in there. it's a young team. they're maturing. >> samantha: what is it about this place that makes it so difficult? >> they're good players. you start talking about places, places without good players, they have very good players, they play very hard, well coached. they beat lsu, michigan state. we're going to go home. >> last thing about this guy, the development through -- i've seen that. what can you say about his development through this game when things weren early? >> he's a soldier, a warrior and a guy who fights through adversity. i knew he was going to win the d game for us. >> samantha: a lot of confidence. j.t., hearing that from your coach has to feel good but how would you describe your mind-set throughout this game? >> keep on pushing. they had a great defense. like coach said, they got great players over there, give them
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we had to make adjustments in the first half. after halftime we had to grind it out. >> samantha: you've been through a lot on this team. obviously you've got some young guys in this group. when you have a situation like that how do you help them push through when things aren't looking good early? >> just understand that these are the things that we go through in the off season. the grinding out, the two a days in august, all those things prepare us for moments like this and this is the time where you got to bring it out of you. >> samantha: did better tonight? >> absolutely. coming in a place like this in a hostile atmosphere, great place for college football, i think we grew up even more this week. >> samantha: last thing for you, when you hurt brown, did you want to jump just a little bit? >> i did a little bit. it's a great atmosphere here. that was a good team. >> samantha: congratulations. chris. >> chris: urban meyer, as sam said, not smiling.
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there, wow. as the buckeyes stay undefeated. they'll be back on the road in another jazzed up environment next week in happy valley, penn state coming off the by as the badgers were. clement and wisconsin left it all out there and came up four yards short in overtime. barrett, kirk, busy as a runner, carried it 21 times, a couple of touchdowns. after halftime throwing the ball, the game winning touchdown defense in a spot where they wanted to try to get pressure. this is the guy that i think he was trying to get the ball to. he's got a couple of receivers going out, man-to-man, trying to set up a rub or a pick. but the timing of the play doesn't work. by the time he's trying to work free, this is what's coming in after him. the play just did not work out. ohio state had it completely covered down field and republican give the buckeyes defense a lot of credit.
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well prepared offense by paul chryst. his quarterback played well. the running game was much better tonight. the buckeyes came up with a big play on that side of the ball when the game was on the line. >> chris: a similar finish to their last visit to madison. they scored top of the first and then the defense makes a stand and preserves a seven-point victory on the road. defenders running around looking for people to hug. they really had to work hard against a determined and very, very crafty wisconsin you get a by week after five games you take advantage of it by resting up and trimming the fat a little bit and trying to figure out what's good, what's not. they were so prepared. they came in here not hoping to pull off an upset. they came in fully anticipating that they were going to win the game. this is a football team with wisconsin, they played lsu, michigan state, michigan, ohio
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question to j.t. barrett, did your team grow up. absolutely. young team learning how to win on the road. they win tonight, one of the toughest atmospheres in the country. >> chris: kirk, it was an interesting week in the top five. it was alabama emphatically but you had number two and three in the polls having to go to overtime to survive. give us your top four. >> kirk: clemson kind of has the feel of ohio state a year ago where they have a nucleus, a lot are back from a year ago. they're not quite clicking so i drop them down to four and move michigan up to three. ohio state stays at two. alabama if i could create a gap and go alabama, gap, two, three and four i would do that. i think alabama right now is kind of all by themselves. >> chris: huskies first out? >> kirk: yeah. >> chris: give a shoutout to another team, your street cred


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